Santos Martinez – Myotherapist / MST

How it all began...

A back injury caused Santos to reassess and make a career change. Driven by his back injury he found that massage therapies (Myotherapy) helped his back heal quicker. This is how Santos began his new career path. Married with three children at the time he decided (with his wife’s permission) to begin studying. He left a well paid job and began  full time studies and living as a student. Having to provide for his family almost caused him to give up.  He slowly chipped away at it and after 6 yrs of study he completed a BHSc (Musculoskeletal Therapy).

A little about his work experience-

  • Working in a clinical setting from 2005 - 2014 @ Union Chiropractic clinic in Brunswick West
  • Working with Melbourne Storm NRL Team 2009 - Current
  • Worked for 2 years in Samoa (Apia) while on holidays with family 2011 - 2012
  • Worked at Boxingfit Highpoint from January 2013 - June 2014.
  • Worked with the Essendon Footbal Club (AFL) April 2014.
  • Worked with Queensland State of Origin team 2015.

Working alongside a Physiotherapist and a Chiropractor has given Santos the expertise to identify common musculoskeletal conditions and how to treat them. He is passionate about his treatments and draws knowledge from his studies and  life experience. He believes that we all have built in natural healing mechanisms that need to be unlocked, so the body can begin to naturally heal.